Meet the team

Meet the team

Kev - Co-Founder & Creative Director

Hey I'm Kev (they/them) 👋 & I'm one half of Naked Baking! I handle all the artsy stuff 😎 I manage the brand, design, social media, events, baking and recipe development

I moved up to Newcastle to live with Ben after finishing my Fine Art degree over a year ago and I absolutely love Newcastle! The small business community is unreal! Outside of NB, I am a full time artist creating nature and ocean inspired works. I regularly sell at craft markets and also go to Tynemouth Market every Sunday

I love anything art and design, my fav colour is green and I'm a sucker for a beanie ;) My fav animal has always been monkeys so it was only fitting to include a tatted monkey in the gang! 🐵

I'm still a baby vegan since July 2022 but it's something I'm SO passionate about. I have a huge sweet tooth and although I had already cut out meat for a while, I had found it difficult to go fully plant-based thinking I would be missing out on my fav sweet treats. This was the driving force to create treats that don't have to compromise. We want to make tasty indulgent goodies that don't have a negative impact on animals or the planet! 🌍

Ben - Co-Founder & Director

Hey I'm Ben (he/him) 👋 & I'm the other half of Naked Baking! I handle all the ‘business’ stuff 😎 I manage our supply chain, stockist management, finances, and overall business growth

I’ve lived in Newcastle since 2018 and I graduated in 2022 at Newcastle University and since then have started my full time job as an application engineer! 👨‍💻

I’m a big nerd about entrepreneurship and have started a few businesses in the past, so love that I can work on this new venture with Kev and see where The Naked Baking Company goes!🥰

I’ve been vegan for nearly 2 years after learning about the climate impacts of animal agriculture, as well as the health and animal welfare impacts. So, I am happy that I get to put my time into something that shows that vegan food can be just as delicious as the ‘alternative’ and that there really isn’t any compromises!🍪